2017 Race #1 – Misano

This year Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli hosted the first race for GT4 European Series Northern Cup. Event took place on 01-02 April 2017 and at the same time the circuit hosted 2nd race of Blancpain GT Series. Other categories in weekends program was Formula 3 and F4 Italian Championship.

Eike Angermayr Misano April 2017

For students of RYS Team KTM this was the first contact with Reiter Engineering and the spectacular reality of a race weekend. There was a lot of details and information to be assimilated, since as much as you read and be, the reality will always teach you something more.  Preparing car for scrutineering, fill the appropriate documents, talk with drivers, set up for free practice. Time passed by that quickly when came Friday and the time for FP1.

Free Practice  & Qualification

Eike Angermayr and Reinhard Kofler as experienced drivers had a clean performance in FP1 and FP2 giving the engineers very good advice on set up changes to optimize car behavior.  The collaboration between the team members showed from the very first moment that would be very professional and this was proved by result.

Car behavior was at best condition despite the BoP changes and by Saturday everything was #ready to race. Qualification races led R.Kofler star Race 1 from P9 and E.Angermayr start Race 2 in P7 out of 33 entries in GT4 category.

Race 1 in Night Mode

Starting Grid Race 1 Misano

On Saturday 01 April after 22.30 started the 1st race, after a quite big delay, due to a huge crash with 6 cars involved in accident, in race taking place right before GT4 race. Reini started in P9 with the formation lap and managed to reach P4. Eike got in P14 after PIT Stop and maintained this position until the chequered flag for this race. A clean race without any rule violations which was good sign for the beginning of the year!


Night mode Race 1


Race 2

For last day of this first race weekend team had Race 2 midday of Sunday, 02 April. Eike started race in P7 with very good prospect. Came forward up the order in P5 out of 32 cars. After driver’s change, Reini got to 3rd place after RYS Teams 64 and 34, with Siljehaug and Cecotto. Then in a snap of a moment in Turn 16 J.Cecotto and R.Kofler were involved in incident which cost both drivers their leading positions. Unfortunately car #14 did not manage to finish race after incident, due to suspension issues.

Despite  the outcome, RYS Team KTM did a good start for this year! Drivers had clean and respectful performances on track, without penalties while engineers did an over-expectation job with car and set up. Next race will be a good chance for team to cover the lost in Misano, while there are 2 months until the 2nd race of cup in Spielberg Austria.

Incindent in 52nd min.


Photo Credits – Joel Kernasenko