Automotodróm Slovakia Ring

Next stop for us is Slovakia Ring which is a new funded circuit located 40km East of Bratislava, with the begin of its construction being dated only in 2008.  Is the only circuit in Slovakia of its size and such a resonance.  The most important events that take place in this circuit include GT Championship, ADAC GT Masters, Blancpain series and European Track Racing Championship among others.

For 2017 Slovakia Ring will host European Truck Racing Championship, Cyclomarathon, Histo Cup, KTM XBow Battle,  Rallycross and much more. You can check full year calendar at It has different route versions with different lengths. For longest version there are the following:


Track Name Automotodróm Slovakia Ring
Named After Country
Constructed 2008-2009
Total Length 5.922 km
Turns 14
Right Corners 7
Left Corners 7
Width 12 – 20 m
Longest straight 1.4 km
Aerial Photo Slovakia Ring – Source

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8 Hours of Slovakia Ring 2017