Interview with Laura Kraihamer

After a challenging weekend in Pau, Laura gave a short interview about her first night race on a street circuit and talks about the Team and what to expect for the reminder of the season.

Question: The race weekend in Pau was pretty special – your first time on a street circuit, night racing and lots of rain. What’s your view on the weekend?

Laura: Pau was definitely a very special race. The conditions were challenging, presenting the possibility to learn a wide variety of new things.
Not only the track, the weather and the fact that it was my first night race, but also handling displeasing surprises like technical problems is part of daily racing business. In the end it is about bringing out the best of the situation, having a Plan B, staying calm and having confidence in the team, the car and oneself. I learned a lot in Pau which I can take along for future races.

Q: Additionally, you had technical issues and were not able to do a fast lap in free practice 2. How much did that cost?

Laura: Track time in the GT4 Series is very limited and dealing with technical problems, as I mentioned, daily racing business. Therefor it is very important to learn to get the right set up for the car and push for the limits as fast as possible. To miss the second free practice in PAU was certainly unfavorable, I would have really needed some more laps in the car, anyhow, one more important experience – learn how to deal with situations you can not influence, keep cool and stay focused, the team is doing everything to solve the problem.

Q: Despite the problems and the difficult conditions, you are still P2 in your class. Are you happy with that?

Laura: I am looking back to the race weekend with mixed feelings. On the one side it was a very successful weekend regarding collecting new experiences and learning a lot – on the other side I was very unlucky, especially in race 2, having no free laps and not being able to show full potential. However, this is racing and I am confident that in Spa we will have luck on our side and be able to show the full potential of the team.

Q: As you mentioned, the next race will be in Spa, which is a two hour race. How are you preparing for that? Anything different because of the length of the race?

Laura: For Spa I am preparing myself by doing a lot of fitness – cardio and strength training. The length of the race does make a difference, in fact I think this will make it easier to get those 5 fast laps and I am really looking forward to spend more time in the car. Besides physical training will also spend some time on the Simulator and on top analyze all experiences from the last two races. As I have never driven in Spa before, it will be very important to apply existing experiences.

Q: Spa is also the home race for your team mate Jamie, one of the youngest drivers in the whole series. What do you think about him? What can you learn from each other?

Laura: Jamie is a great team colleague. He is a very fast driver, nice and straight forward. I really enjoy working with him and as far as I can say, I have the impression we are cooperating very well as team.

The whole Team of car #14 listening to Hans Reiter. (From left to right: Jerome Kaspar, Stefan Monz, Patrick Christoffel, Jamie Vandenbalck, Hans Reiter. In front: Laura Kraihamer)

Q: New in the Reiter Young Stars Cup is that students, who have no experience in professional motorsports are your engineers and team Manager. How did that work on the first races?

Laura: Having students from universities as engineers and team managers is a whole new experience for me. I think it is great to give this generation the opportunity to experience in professional motorsport. I think Jamie and me profit a lot from being coached by Saarland University, as our students highlight completely new aspects, come up with fresh ideas and have above all integrated in professional racing business and learned to manage all challenges involved very quickly. I think we have a very strong team, with a high level of team spirit, ready to achieve great things.

Q: 4 out of 9 races are done by now. What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Laura: We do not even have half of the season gone by, everything is possible and sometimes we will be lucky, sometimes the others will. My goals are to be prepared for the races the best way I can probably be, to give it all, to learn as much as I can and most of all – to have fun doing what I love most – racing.