Team Introduction – Jerome Kaspar

Jerome Kaspar is currently a PhD student at Saarland University and has no experience in motorsports so far. Read his profile below to get to know him better!

Name:                                              Jerome Kaspar
Date of birth:                                 28.03.1991
Place of birth:                                Zweibrücken (Germany)
Currently living in:                        Saarland (Germany)
Current Occupation:                    Research assistant at Institut for Engineering Design
Favorite (non-racing) car:           BMW X3
Favorite racing car:                      F1 cars
Favorite race track:                      Monza
Role Model:                                    Michael Schumacher
Favorite Food:                               Pizza
Favorite Sport & Team:               Soccer, Borussia Mönchengladbach
Favorite holiday destination:    South Africa
Hobbies:                                         Sportshooting
Favorite video game:                   Fifa 2000
Favorite Movie:                             Inception
Favorite Book:                              Lightweight Design

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