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Zeltweg AIr Base – Source

Zeltweg Airfield in Styria Austria was the first Austrian attempt for a Formula-one-size circuit, following the Silverstone circuit in Great Britain. Despite the good design and will for a successful circuit, the position and geomorphology didn’t help for the viability of track. It was built in 1959 and moved 3 kilometers nearby in 1969, in Spielberg under the name “Österreichring”.


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Comparing to its predecessor, Österreichring was very fast with challenging turns and a 65-meter difference from highest to lowest point. Because of high speed and  Safety factor, as in many cases for motor-sport, led to changes after Mark Donohue’ s crash in 1975. He lost control due to a tire failure and his crash caused a flying debris from the car, to take a marshal’s life after all. In 1976 took place the first modifications but didn’t seem to rate the circuit as safe. Until 1995 many incidents were ringing the bell for safety on track.

A1 Ring

Track Map 1988-1995 – Source

In 1996 Hermann Tilke had to redesign the track to fulfill its original purpose, be a Formula One Grand Prix venue. He shortened the track from 5.942 km to 4.326 km, replacing a big track-part with a new designed. Renewed facilities were built and the track was renamed again, this time to “A1 Ring”, after the telecommunication company which founded the renewal and cost £32 million.

By the time A1 Ring  hosted F1 races among others from 1997 to 2003. In 2004 the race contract to the circuit was not renewed from Bernie Ecclestone because of  Austrian government’s support in European ban of tobacco. What had been left by the time was a half demolished circuit, but fortunately this was not the end of the circuit, while the same year Dietrich Mateschitz, “Red Bull GmbH” co-founder,  bought the circuit.

Red bull ring

From 2004 to 2010 the circuit was one more renewed and at the time includes a multi functional event center, gift shop, cafeteria, welcome center, fan-shop and information. The new facilities are over any expectation and the landscape gives circuit a unique characteristic.

Famous Red Bull sculpture in middle of Red Bull Ring – Photo Joel Kernasenko

Finally the circuit is an F1 venue since 2014 until today and besides DTM and ADAC GT Masters host many motor-sport events. The final outcome of the circuit quality is spectacular and the best taste will give the Official Spielberg site.

Track Name Red Bull Ring
Named After Red Bull GmbH
Constructed 1969
Modified 2010
Total Length 4.318 km
Turns 10
Right Corners 7
Left Corners 3
Width 12-13 m
Change in elevation 65 m

Following Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo are taking some laps in Red Bull Ring and making some comments!

Source Red Bull Racing Youtube Channel

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